Thursday, February 11, 2016


I measured and lightly drew lines with pencil from the center of the poster board, horizontally and vertically and then from each corner. Then I proceeded to cut out 4 hearts freehand with no patterns (by folding and cutting half of a heart each time). I saved the inside cutout as that was also a heart. Then I had hearts with heart holes in them and regular hearts. I did this with a multitude of different colors and paper and many different sizes of hearts. Then I began to arrange the hearts from the center outward. I glued some right-side-up and others up-side-down, every which way that was pleasing to me. From the scraps I added curlicues to give the piece pazzazz. As my poster board was not square, I added a line of hearts across the top and bottom, to balance off the piece.

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