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Batik Wax and Dye on Cloth....."Yellow Birds"

Batik..."YELLOW BIRDS" in Wycinanka Style by Felicia

Batik: Wax and Dye on Cloth "Deer, Sun, and Moon"

Batik..."DEER, SUN, AND MOON" in Pysanka Style by Felicia

Acrylics..."TIKI GOD" IN HAWAII painting by Felicia

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pointillism...."PORTRAIT OF CODY"

BATIK Wax and Dye on Cloth: "Spider Web"

 I received "BEST IN SHOW" for this batik that I showed at Esperanza Mansion, located near Keuka Lake.   Art shows were held there for several years.  I wasn't going to put this batik in the show because the wax didn't crackle as it should have.  However, I needed 10 pieces for the show.  I never expected to win the prize!  Who knew that if I hadn't taken this batik to the show, I might not have won.  So I always tell my students, "Don't throw anything away.  It may be a Prize Winner!"

CHINESE PAPER CUTS: Tiger, Ox, and Rooster

Chinese Paper Cutting or Jian Zhi has been practiced in China for almost 1,000 years.  Paper was invented during the Han Dynasty 105 AD.  Paper Cuttings started appearing  420-589 AD and became a more important art form during the Tang Dynasty 618-907 AD.

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