Saturday, August 27, 2011

WYCINANKA: "Gorgeous Roosters Conversing Under a Flower"

Roosters are very popular in Folk Culture and are supposed to represent fertility.  I just think that roosters are beautiful.  The colors in their wings and tail are totally amazing.  When we go to the County Fairs, we love to see the chickens and noisy roosters.  They always have their own personality.  My roosters are not realistic as such but are more stylized.  This is typical of the Polish Paper Cutting or Wycinanka.  It is a representational design of real roosters.


Mellodee said...

Ooooo, love the colors on this one!

Carlos Smith said...

That's pretty cool :)
Check out my blog if you have the time. Thanks.

Charu Maheshwari said...

Really beautiful....I'm gonna try it out! Thanks :)