Thursday, June 2, 2011

WYCINANKA: Lowicz Paper Cut Wedding Scene

This Wycinanka (Vih-chee-nahn-kah) is a wedding scene taking place in Lowicz, Poland.  A paper cut of this style is made with overlapping colors of paper.  You can see the bride and groom on the left, the orchestra serenading them, and the guests arriving by horse and carriage.  This piece of artwork (11" X 30") was in a traveling exhibit "Out of the Ordinary: Community Tastes and Values in Contemporary Folk Art (tour dates:  January 1995 - January 1998).  This tour brought together a significant cross section of active New York State folk artists and their works to be shown to educate the public about various folk art that may be centuries old but still is practiced today.  I place high value on keeping up the traditions of my family history, preserving them for the next generation, and educating people about the beautiful art of Poland.  Jake and I, along with our entire wedding party, were dressed in traditional Polish costumes.


Mellodee said...

I love this!! I have seen similar pieces from time to time, but never knew their origins or the technique used to make them. Gorgeous!

itsnicethat said...

Hello. May I very respectfully inquire if I might be able to purchase your remarkable paper-cut artwork? (Unfortunately I couldn't seem to find an email address on your blog to send you my question.) Thank you so much in advance.
itsnicethat [at]