Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am always impressed by the magnificent costumes that are worn by the dancers that come from Poland to perform here in the USA.  I once wore a Lowicz costume, when Jake and I were in the Tatra Folk Dance group.  It was made of wool and was heavily embroidered, along with the apron and white blouse.  I had fake braids and a wool scarf (babushka).  We had to dance for a Pennsylvania Polka Show, including dancing for the commercial over and over again.  It was so HOT!!!! but we had to look gorgeous for TV.  We were "brought back by popular demand", as we filmed about 4 shows the very same day.  This little lady is wearing the "gown of my dreams".  The headdress is a bit much, but I wanted her to look like a Goddess.  Aren't those birds amazing?  

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