Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wycinanka..."FELICIA'S GARDEN"

When I started cutting this paper cut, I made some of the big flowers and glued them on the background.  At this point I became very frustrated and didn't like the piece.  I was going to tear it up and throw it away.  You see, I am a very "symmetrical" person and this cutting was all over the place.  It really bothered me!  Jake told me to stop, walk away, and look at it again another day.  After that, the next day I was able to continue working on it until it was finished.  This Wycinanka received "BEST IN SHOW" at Da Vinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The show was called "CUT IT OUT" and curated by Dr. Debbie Miller.  I was very happy that I finished my wycinanka and won a fantastic prize!

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